Every Day Carry for the Rascal Man

  • Michael Denmon
  • Charm
Every Day Carry for the Rascal Man

A man who lives well knows what it takes to do so.

That is why a Rascal man comes prepared for any event or contingency.

The term Every Day Carry, or EDC for short, means the objects that are always with you, no matter the setting. EDC has become an Instagram category of its own, with finely crafted baubles and knickknacks gracing the desktop of someone who fancies himself an EDC man.

The objects vary depending on the man. Some collections have self-defense in mind. Other collections may be focused on habits that the man may have.

What sort of items does a Rascal man consider essential enough to be carried every day?

Pen and Journal

A fine pen and a leather-bound journal may be part of the EDC for a Rascal man. Or, it could be a broken pencil and a folded piece of paper.

Whatever the class of items may be, they mean the ability to record one’s inner thoughts. To get onto paper what should be shared, or at least revisited. That is the piece of EDC gear most valued.

Tools of the Trade

How often have you needed a knife to cut something, but no one had anything sharp to use? Or how many times have you been faced with a loose screw or a valve that needed to be cranked open or closed?

If you are a Rascal Man, you come prepared. You understand that a man is only as valuable as the problems he can solve or the services he can offer. A multi-purpose tool or pocket knife allows you to save the day when needed.

Your choice of a blade or tool is yours. You can choose a folding multi-tool or a fixed-blade hunting knife. The option you choose will say more about your practicality than any type of style, so choose a tool that will serve you well.

The Watch Man 

A great watch is a common piece of kit for men of the EDC club. While a watch may be slightly antiquated these days, a good timepiece represents more than just knowing the time. The watch is a statement of reliability. Mobile phone batteries die. Having a watch means not depending on being near an electrical outlet.

The other great thing about a good watch is that they get noticed. They command attention, from corporate power meetings to a noodle bar in Hong Kong. They are statement pieces. They say you are a man who has worked to be where you are, and value time highly.

Smart Phones

Sure, smartphones require electrical outlets to recharge them when they run low on battery. But smartphones also have power. A Rascal man recognizes them for the power he can wield with a device that allows the closing of deals, booking of tickets, and the ability to reach out to the people he loves, all with the press of a button.

The flip side of the benefit of connectivity is the benefit of disconnecting. Mobile phones have off buttons and should be used as often as the buttons for talking are pressed. A man must recognize this because it is in the silence that he can get lost and truly find adventure.

Conversation Piece

Life is about experience, and those experiences are shared through conversation. A Rascal man is gifted at conversation, knowing when to tell tales, and when to listen.

Sometimes it can be hard to start a conversation, so having something of interest to carry with you can help. Perhaps the conversation piece can be your watch. Or perhaps it is a lucky rabbit’s foot. Whatever you choose, it must mean something to you, have a story behind it, and catch the eye of others.

Let your conversation piece start conversations you can learn from, or teach through.

The truth is that there is no definitive list for a Rascal man, as each man is different in the style of life they live and the environment they choose to live that life in. 

The only list that matters is your list. 

So pick your own EDC items, and start living the life you want as a Rascal man.