Cowboy Boots for Every Man

  • Michael Denmon
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Cowboy Boots for Every Man

Mommas don’t let their babies grow up to be cowboys anymore. Willie Nelson knew it all along.

But Mommas do still like cowboys, and the recent popularity of the TV series Yellowstone has proven that in spades. Ever since the show premiered, women have been enamored with the rough and tumble men of the Montana plains and Texas prairies, and the men in their lives have taken notice.

Cowboy boots have seen a rise in popularity, and some men may be wondering what type of cowboy boot is right for them.

The first question you need to answer is what kind of cowboy you may be.

Real Cowboys

Real cowboys don’t ask what type of cowboy boot suits them. So, if you still aren’t sure, you’re not a real cowboy.

The cowboy boot was adopted as the preferred footwear of a cowpoke because it is designed to help protect their feet in harsh environments. Cactus spines, rattlesnake bites, and cow patties are all common hazards that can affect the cowboy’s feet, so having a form of protection between bare skin and pointy things is crucial. The raised heel and curved arch of the foot also help make the boot supportive and easily restrained inside the saddle stirrups.

While there may be nights spent at the dance hall, a real cowboy chooses his boots based on their function as opposed to their form. Durability over Instagram-ability. He stays away from exotic animal skins and intricate stitching. Solid leather is pliable, durable, and cleans up easily enough when needed. A little spit and a rag is enough to have them ready for a two-step around the sawdust-filled floors of a good country dance hall.

Part-Time Cowboys

If you are a part-time cowboy, you may have a different idea about what you need in a pair of boots. Typically, your boots are only needed for cowboy work on weekends or afternoons after you get home from your real job. That limited use will allow you to be more discerning in your style choices.

But the real draw for many part-time cowboys is the appeal of a fine boot for taking the wife out for a date or even dressing up for occasions that require it. In the realm of the cowboy, a fine pair of cowboy boots trumps leather oxfords or wingtips, even when forced to wear a suit.

So how does a part-time cowboy walk the line between function and form?

The easy answer is that he buys two pairs of boots. One pair for wrangling cattle, herding llamas, or mending fences, and a second pair for dressing up and stepping out on the town.

Why settle when you have a walk-in closet instead of only a saddle bag to keep your footwear in?

Urban Cowboys

The term “cowboy” applies pretty loosely here. This is for the men who look at cowboy boots as an accessory instead of a tool used for work. These are the men who watched Yellowstone for fashion tips as well.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Cowboy boots are egalitarian in their appeal among the masses.

But an urban cowboy is interested more in design and curb appeal than they are in functionality. They can get away with spending hundreds of dollars or more on boots worn to the annual urban rodeo, and may not see any dirt or stirrups.

Exotic leathers, scales, silver-plated toe boxes, or whatever options you can think up to customize your boots, choose what makes you happy. The sky is the limit in how you can design your boots to play the part of an urban cowboy.

Just stay clear of rhinestones.

Ultimately, the best boots to choose are the boots that work best for you and your needs. No matter what type of cowboy you are, or aspire to be, the right pair of cowboy boots will help you get the work done by sundown, and still have time to take someone special to the dance hall. Even if that means multiple pairs.

While cowboy boots may not define the man wearing them, they do help him get to where he is going. 

So choose wisely.