Peaky Blinder Style: How To Pull It Off

  • Michael Denmon
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Peaky Blinder Style: How To Pull It Off

Men can be weird about fashion. Some men feel naked if they leave the house in anything short of a three-piece suit. Others feel the same way if they leave the home without their favorite ball cap or trucker hat. Both types of men have their own ideas about fashion and their sense of style when it comes to clothing. What varies is how dressing up makes each of them feel, and why they may want to continue to feel that way.

If you have seen the television series Peaky Blinders, you will have noticed a dichotomy of dirty and clean. Bleak and posh. Stylishly dressed men and women in the unlikeliest of areas and conditions, dressed to the nines and inspiring their audience to consider stepping up their own style game. Let’s face it though. The look isn’t an easy one to pull off in today’s culture and times.

So how do you turn an affinity for the Peaky Blinder style and add it to your look without feeling phony or fake?

Start Small

A Peaky Blinder was known for his hat, which often concealed a razor blade for use when his charm lacked sufficient sway with someone. So why not start there with your new look? The flat cap is a quintessential Peaky Blinder look and one that can be pulled off without looking like you are trying too hard.

Next, why not splurge on a nice pair of shoes or boots? The newsy-style cap may not be for everyone but a handsome pair of hand-crafted leather boots or shoes will get anyone appreciatively noticed, and everyone needs to wear nice shoes at some point in their life. Selecting a new pair of footwear first is a way to bridge the gap of going from slacker-chic to dapper gentleman.

Another small addition to your wardrobe could be accessories. A nice handkerchief for your coat’s pocket, sterling silver cuff links, or even a pair of fashionable suspenders are all small touches to your look that can be fairly inexpensive but still help you stand out amongst other men. 

Recruit A Gang

Stepping out in a new style by yourself can be nerve-racking. So why not recruit your friends to help cushion your leap forward as a dapper man? 

Perhaps your friends are Peaky Blinders fans as well. Or, perhaps they already have a favorite haberdashery and own their sharp look. Or, maybe dressing up in a suit and cap is the last thing they want to do in life. Whatever the situation may be, you can use their current style as a tool to convince them to join you in your own pursuit of refinement.

One opportunity to dress up is a wedding. So if you have a wedding on your calendar, that could be the perfect time to convince your friends who will be in attendance to forgo the usual suit and tie and spring for something that will get them noticed. Just make sure to not upstage the bride and groom.

Another example of an event that can be used for your benefit is Halloween or theme parties. No one is going to question your new appearance over a holiday designed for people to wear costumes. This allows you to try on your new look without the self-consciousness that many face when going out on a limb with their clothing. 

If Halloween is too far away, look for events coming up in your area that could fit the Peaky Blinders theme, like the Kentucky Derby or a showing of The Great Gatsby. Or, throw a theme party of your own that allows you to dress up, and also encourages attendees to follow suit. If you maintain the same sense of style after the party is over, you can always use that night as the impetus for having more interest in fashion, assuaging anyone too critical from making comments that could potentially embarrass anyone. 

Confidence is Key

Really, at the end of the day, all that matters is that you like your new style choice. However, style is a feedback-laden endeavor and some approval of your new look is generally expected. You want nice comments on your suit or hairstyle. You want someone to ooh and aah over you.

Much like dogs, however, people with an eye for fashion can recognize fear. If you are too afraid of disapproval of your clothing and accessory choices, people will notice and it can ruin the whole perception of a cool and calculating rascal. Walk around like the man himself, Thomas Shelby, and no one will question your commitment to your new dress.

You must wear your choices with confidence if you truly want to be successful in taking on a Peaky Blinder spirit of style. While the characters on screen may inspire an attitude, the clothes can truly make the man. A man who has chosen his style for his own reasons will be confident and exude masculinity that others will pick up on. 

Know why you are wearing what you are wearing, and for whom you are wearing it, and people will begin to appreciate the man who does what he wants for himself. Especially if you go with that flat cap style that adheres to the real Peaky Blinder dress code.

Photo by cottonbro studio.